Flokcan is a flock powder manufacturer  serving to  the various countries including Europe and the Middle East since 1987.  Company continues to serve their service and  product  with quality and increasing product range to its customers. With its commitment to quality of its products and customer satisfaction, Flokcan  managed to become a permanent choice for its customers.

Flokcan has been established by Tahsin Caner in 1986.  Company provides flock powder to almost all manufactures of flocked products in Turkey. Additionally, company honored with certificate by BTSO as it’s the first company exported the flock powder, in Bursa.

The company uses the most advanced technology cutting machine to get the best results in precision fiber cutting. It also continues to product and color development activities with its equipped with the latest technology Laboratory.

Flokcan is continuing to invest in company and R&D for better production and service quality. The company is continuously developing itself in every sense, renews itself and takes important steps for the future.

Company Partners

   Company Partner
 Tahsin CANER
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 Hanife CANER